catconverters strapped
Strapped for cash, but loaded with cats?

Then swap something furry for dosh in a hurry!

That's right, at Cat Converters, we'll turn your spare bit of fluff into valuable stuff. You're sure of a furr deal with Cat Converters!

We know the economic furrcast looks tough. But don't worry, just pawn your pussy. Tell us about your surplus puss, and we'll tell you what you can claw back. Get cash for your cat, money for your moggy and loads of loot for any kitten that's cute.

There's never been an oppawtunity like it (and believe us, we don't tell tails). Cat Converters is a unique service; a financial lifeline for fiscally challenged feline custodians. So make that moggy earn its keep: check what it's worth in all sorts of exotic currencies or try our incredible swapshop, where we exchange artefacts for farty cats (and cats without wind assistance). Remember, we're not mad about cats – we're just mad!

Please note: For the avoidance of any doubt, and at the request of the lawyers representing Cash Converters (yes, really!), please be advised that we are not linked or related to them in any way. Cat Converters (allegedly) will pawn your puss for make-believe money, whilst Cash Converters offer payday loans, personal loans, pawnbroking, cheque cashing and cash for gold (although we think cats for gold is better).